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SWM RS650R 2015 & 2016

AU$788.00 each inc. GST
Year Model

SWM RS 650 R 25-litre long range Safari fuel tank.

The 25 litre Safari Tank for SWM RS 650 R range now allows riders to unleash the adventure potential of their bike.

Like all Safari Tanks products, the tank has been designed to keep the weight as low as possible, while at the same time retaining the original ergonomics of the bike.

The result is a tank that gives the rider a great feel on the bike, while opening up the potential of their steed for longer rides, without the worry of refuelling at regular intervals.


Includes: fuel cap, breather hose, 2 taps, cross over tube, Husqvarna fuel line and wiring loom.


Price: $730


Download the SWM RS 650 R Safari Tanks installation manual HERE.

SWM RS 650 R edited 750