KTM 950/990LC8 Tank

Price: $1,694.00

Safari Tanks KTM 950/990 (LC8) long range fuel tank.

Litres: 40

Colours: Orange, Black or Translucent White


NOTE: The orange colour of our KTM tanks may not exactly match the existing KTM orange plastics.

Fits: 950 & 990 (LC8) models – please specify which model when ordering.

The amazingly small increase in size, given the huge increase in capacity, comes from the fuel being held low over a wider area.

Includes: Fuel caps

The two tanks replace the stock ones, plus the fairing shrouds. The glovebox is retained, and the black skid panels on the base of each tank are easily replaced if damaged in a crash.


Download the KTM 950-990 40-litre Safari Tanks installation manual HERE.



Replace the cap on your Safari Tank with this genuine item at an affordable price.

Shipping available.

Product suitable for all Safari Tanks models.