SWM R300/500R 19-litre Safari Tank

Price: $643.00

Improve the fuel range of your SWM R300/500R with the Safari Tanks 19-litre tank.

This tank was originally made for the Husqvarna TE510, but has been fitted onto a SWM R300/500R.

As you will see in the photos the plastics and seat profiles are different, however we do supply brackets to allow the rear shrouds for the 2015-18 models to be attached (not shown in the photos). This does not apply to models of 2019 and onwards.

The tank is for the Husqvarna TE510 2010 model, so you can fit the Husqvarna side covers and seat.


Fits: 2015 to 2018 models (with rear shroud bracket supplied) & 2019-22 (with no rear shrouds brackets supplied).

Download the SWM 500 (Husq TE250-510) Fitting Instructions here

For further information, contact us HERE, or call our office on (03) 5729 5556.



Yamaha Tenere 700

The Tenere 700 fuel tank holds 25 litres giving you a range of 420-450 kilometres in adventure conditions or up to 500 kilometres when conserving fuel usage

The tank has been thoroughly field tested in the Outback by Dakar rider Rod Faggattor, and was proven to have little impact on the overall design and ergonomics of the bike. It also compliments the Tenere 700’s original styling.


Litres: @ 25L

Colours: Translucent (Clear), black, blue and white

Fits: The tank will suit Yamaha Tenere 700 models. The tank utilises the standard (OEM) EFI fuel pump and mounting brackets.

Includes: Fuel cap, breather hose and modified EFI pump retainer kit.


Download the installation instructions HERE