Riders conquer the Madigan Line using Safari Tanks

The Madigan Line was pioneered, on foot, by Cecil Madigan in 1939 with a team of camels. It’s a series of 26 GPS points roughly 20 to 30 kilometres apart, based on the camps that Madigan made at the end of each day

In 2010, the Motorbikin’ Team made history as the first party of bikes to traverse the first half of the Madigan Line from Andado Station to the Hay River. They used Suzuki DR 650s fitted with Safari Tanks.

In 2015 they went back for the whole hog as the first recorded bikes to ride the entire line, from Mount Dare to Birdsville.

Riders included Phil Hodgens from Motorbikin, Vince from Vince Strang Motorcycles, Mario Worgan, Brian Eaton, Steve Alldridge and Bob Condon, all on Suzuki DR650s and 400s.

Each rider complex over 800 kilometres over three hard days, with each carrying 60 litres of fuel and 20 litres of water.

All bikes ran Safari Tanks, which Phil Hodgens says is critical for such long distance desert riding.

“We love our Safari Tanks,” Phil said. “Nothing compares to them in size or strength, and the best thing is they are made right here in Oz!”

Phil is now hard at work editing film shot on the Madigan Ride, and will have a DVD out in August. It will be available in the Motorbikin online store at www.motorbikin.com.au