Safari Tanks handles the rough roads of Africa

Safari Tanks customer, Gavin Robertson, has recently completed a marathon 7500km ride through Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa.

He and two mates rode identical Suzuki DR650s, fitted with 30-litre Safari Tanks and fairings.

As Gavin relates, there was plenty of rough going.

“At one stage of the ride through Namibia, we rode through some of the worst roads imaginable. The road had bad, bad, bad corrugations that carried on for at least 10 kilometres at a time.

“It was so bad that I really thought that my tank and fairing was going to be ripped clean off the bike. All three bikes survived and we were absolutely amazed at the quality and strength of your products.

“Well done for making such good quality products.”

We’re thrilled that the Safari Tanks helped to make Gavin’s trip such a successful one.